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Watch for Black Widow Spider Webs

Spider Pest Control

Spiders can certainly be intimidating creatures. Many people have a healthy fear of spiders, thankfully of all of the spiders in Arizona, there are only a couple that cause a medical concern – the Recluse spider and the Black Widow spider. Other spiders, may look or sound scary, but do not pose a threat to you or your family.
Spiders are predators and feed on other insects. Naturally, if you can control other insects on your property, spiders will have less reason to make your home their home. Integrated pest management approach can help eliminate pests and control spiders around your home.

Common types of spiders in Arizona:

The black widow spider has a red or orange hourglass-shaped marking on its body. A bite from a female black widow is not normally fatal but can make someone sick for several days. The female black widow’s venom is 15 times more potent than a rattlesnake’s venom.

The Arizona recluse spider and the Desert recluse spiders are a uniform brown color and are about 1 inch in diameter. They can and will bite people. Their bites, which are rarely fatal are painful and can become large sores.

Wolf spiders sound and look rather scary, but these big spiders usually run just away when disturbed. While they can occasionally bite, their bite is similar to a bee sting.

Tarantulas are pretty well-known for being scary looking also. Yet they are also a fairly common pet. These large, hairy spiders can bite, but their bite is also comparable to a bee sting.

Another spider that looks intimidating is the Western Spotted Orb Weaver, thankfully these spiders like to feed on other spiders.

Jumping spiders are rather common in the Phoenix valley. These small spiders do not pose any threat to people.

Spiders are common in Arizona but controlling spiders is possible with the proper preventative pest control plan.

ScorpionTech Termite and Pest control’s services to eliminate spiders include:

Effective Spider Pest  Control in Greater Phoenix areas starts with a  professional “clean out” of your home & yard targeting spiders themselves, other bugs (their PREY), and the places they live breed, & feed in. As temperatures drop spiders look for ways to get inside! Keep spiders OUT with the experts at Responsible Pest Control!
For continuous control of spiders, we recommend using a monthly or bi-monthly pest control services. We have several different types of spiders in the Phoenix AZ Valley including:

We also treat for a variety of common house spiders, which we generally find in the eaves of homes, corners of the foundation, corners inside the home and at the base of windows.


Spider infestations can have multiple causes. Most commonly, spiders are seeking food sources. Their diet consists of insects, which may be attracted by light, moisture or food scraps, and those insects may in turn attract spiders. Spiders also seek shelter in rock and wood piles as well as in bushes and ornamental vegetation. In fact, a home spider infestation may result when arachnids hitch a ride on a houseplant that you bring into the home.


ScorpionTech pest technicians take multiple steps in our general treatment approach to rid your home of unwanted spiders. We knock-down visible webs in the eaves and around patio furniture, which will help to control infestations. We treat in the corners, the foundation at the lip of the stucco homes, the base of plants, river rock close to the home, the base of the block wall and in the eaves.


The first thing you should do is knock down any spider webs that may exist, especially those close to the building, and be vigilant in checking for new webs every week or so. Making certain that all the cracks in your home are sealed up will prevent spiders from entering. Another way to discourage spiders is to deal with the other pests they feed on. Minimize outdoor lighting at night or use yellow-colored bulbs that are less attractive than white light.
Finally, avoid allowing items such as boxes, clutter, roof and floor tile, wood piles, and scraps of lumber to pile up, as spiders find these to be highly desirable shelters.


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