Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes can be a real pest and can keep you from enjoying your nice Arizona yard. ScorpionTech offers effective backyard mosquito control so you can enjoy your outdoor space. Our mosquito treatment starts with an inspection to find where the problem areas are that havens for mosquitoes.

More than just a pesky nuisance that causes itchy bites, mosquitoes are known carriers of several viruses and diseases that can make your family and pets sick.

ScorpionTech offers a cutting edge technology system where we place and monitor stations or mosquito buckets in your yard. These stations provide two modes of action working in tandem to both control adult mosquitoes and keep larva from reaching adulthood.

ScorpionTech a certified In2Care specialist company. For more information on this highly effective  mosquito treatment system for backyard mosquito control, check out this video and contact ScorpionTech for information on how to get this mosquito prevention system in your yard:


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